What's the difference between copywriting and content writing?

These terms are closely related but not identical.

Copywriting is more ‘brand oriented’ and centred around creating marketing materials, such as brochures, sales emails, and advertorials.

Content writing on the other hand is less focussed on selling. Its purpose is to to provide valuable information, generate interest, and connect to readers. Examples include articles, blogs, newsletters, e-books and whitepapers.

There can be some overlap between the two, and ultimately the end-game for both, most of the time, is to generate leads and sales conversions.

What's the difference between blogs and articles?

The difference between the two can be blurry, but essentially blogs are more informal and often written in your own voice, while articles are usually more authoritative, formal and often longer.

That said, what many business owners post on their website blog pages are often more along the lines of articles than blog posts!

As far as my services go however, it’s up to you as the client to decide on the tone, style and length
you want for your posts.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Basically, SEO is all about creating content according to search engine (e.g. Google) principles in order for it to be more visible online when people type in search queries.

Google has more than 200 ranking factors for SEO, and it appears no one is entirely sure how they all work, or even what they all are (if someone claims to know them all they’re probably bluffing). But some of the main ones include a fast-loading website that clearly explains what it’s about and is easy to navigate, content that is high-quality and factual that provides value, and the use of popular key words or phrases that people use when searching online.

Even though it’s important to write search engine optimised content if you want to gain traction online, it’s even more important to write for humans rather than bots. In any case, the latter is frowned on by Google – see the blog post on ‘writing for humans’ to see what I mean.

Why would I come to you when I can get super cheap online writing services

These types of services are often referred to as ‘content mills’ and tend to churn posts out production-line style for a cheap rate.

You could use them of course, and you might even get some quality writing that way – who knows?

But I wouldn’t recommend it myself, for a few reasons.

For a start, to my mind it makes more sense to partner with someone that will take the time to get to know how you and your business tick, so they can create content tailored to your specific needs.

Also, writers that work for cheap content mills tend to get paid very little, which means they have to produce a LOT of work to earn anything like a living. This also means the focus tends to shift from quality to quantity, and when it comes to ranking online, quality is paramount.

Another reason is that creating quality writing isn’t easy. If it was, you’d do it yourself while sitting on the couch of an evening, right?

No – it actually takes time and effort to produce quality work, and personally I think quality writers should receive proper remuneration. I know I put a lot into every piece I write, but if I was doing it for about half a cent per word (slight exaggeration – or maybe not), I wouldn’t bother so much. 

If you’d like to know more about this topic, check out my post on cheap content mills.